Co-Educational Catholic College for Years 7 to 12

As a secondary college within the Diocese of Rockhampton, HSC seeks to provide quality education for all types of Learners and also seeks to achieve a sense of positive community – as a particular community of faith – for Students between Staff and Parents.

The College Board and the College Parents and Friends (P&F) Association play complementary roles in supporting the College to achieve its commitment to Launching Adolescents into Lifelong Learning.

In the broadest sense, the College Board is responsible for assisting the College in clarifying and defining its Direction.

Membership on the College Board is comprised of the Principal (ex-officio) and Parish Priest (ex-officio), together with Parent and Staff members appointed for a defined term. The Board liaises regularly with the P&F Association.

Interest from new prospective members to participate in the Board’s education program which qualifies eligibility for membership is always welcome!