Co-Educational Catholic College for Years 7 to 12


Reported by Emily Martin and Arielle Perkett – Year 12 students

During the September holidays 12 students and 8 staff and parents set off on a 13 day tour of Vietnam. Our trip began on a bumpy note with our first flight out of Mackay being delayed; however this could not dampen our spirits. After travelling for almost 24 hours we finally reached our first destination, Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. We were met there by our tour guide Phiem (pronounced fim) who was a very important member of our travelling team. Phiem showed us many of the great wonders of Vietnam. Phiem shared with us a Vietnamese perspective. He also taught us some of the Vietnamese language.

Our trip consisted of four destinations, these included Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An and Ho Chi Mihn City. Hue was the destination on the Perfume River and the Imperial Palace. Hoi An was Mr Green’s personal favourite, and Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, was the largest of our destinations and the home of our tour guide Phiem. Throughout the trip there were many highlights; some of these included swimming in Halong Bay, shopping, the Marble Mountains and dressing up in traditional outfits. The Vietnamese food was unique and different to the food that we were all used to and by the end of the trip (I’m sure we can speak for most people when we say) we were all glad to get home and have a Macca’s cheeseburger.

Most days we set off on the bus to explore the many wonders of Vietnam. We visited many different places in Vietnam; some of these included the tunnels that were used during the war and the Hanoi Hilton prison. We also enjoyed days at our own leisure when many of us ventured off to the tailors to have clothes made. Many of us also enjoyed the beautiful beach in Hoi An, which consisted of white sand and clear blue water. Once we reached our last destination, Ho Chi Minh City, we were all looking forward to getting home to see our families, but some of us didn’t want to leave Vietnam. We had just enjoyed two weeks that we would never forget.