Co-Educational Catholic College for Years 7 to 12


During the September school holidays, a group of adventurers young and old took a trip through Thailand. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We started off up north in the city of Chang Mai taking in the sights and visiting the markets in this exciting town. Soon enough though we were on a bus to the villages that resided further north in the mountains where we stayed in lodges for a few days, bike riding and seeing how people lived without the luxuries so many of us take for granted. The scenery was amazing and set a great back drop for our meeting with the village Shaman and the local school.

After a quick two days in the villages, we moved pretty much as far north as you can go which is, of course, the region best known for its illicit opium fields, The Golden Triangle. We then boarded a boat for a very brief trip across the river and visited Laos for a short time. We then sailed past Burma before spending time shopping in the markets and seeing the sights the region had to offer.

Our next stop was via a plane to Bangkok where we drove to the beach town of Hua Hin. We spent a lazy two days relaxing by the pool, visiting the tailor or going for a horse ride on the beach.

No-one was too keen to leave having reached a very relaxed state of mind, however we then spent a night living on a river resort with no electricity or hot water. Despite this, for many people sitting on the rafts in the river, relaxing and talking to friends was a highlight of the trip and made for an unforgettable afternoon.

We had to leave for a whirlwind two days in Bangkok where we visited a school for the blind. This was a very moving and touching visit. Afterwards many on the trip took advantage of shopping in a seven storey shopping centre.

All too soon, the trip came to a close. We had all learnt lessons about the culture of Thailand, expanding the horizons of all. It was a worthwhile trip and I would like to thank all involved for making it possible.

Michael Knoll
Year 11 Student