Co-Educational Catholic College for Years 7 to 12


Mrs Alison Wales

B. Learn Mgmt (Middle School)., M. Ed. Leadership.

The Principal holds ultimate responsibility for the Catholic ethos, curriculum, policy development, finances, physical resource development, staff matters and leadership of Holy Spirit College. The Principal delegates specific responsibilities to other members of the Administration team but relies upon open communication and the articulation of clear expectations and accountability lines for all staff in order to nurture the overall growth of HSC as a quality co-educational Catholic college.

Deputy Principal (Administration)

Mrs Camille Morris

B. Sc., B. Ed.

The Deputy Principal (Administation) liaises closely with the Principal, serving as Principal nominee as required. The Assistant Principal (Administration) supports the Principal by taking full responsibility for the day to day organisation of the College including timetable construction, daily changes, staff rosters and assistance with facilitation of College events.

Assistant Principal (Curriculum)

Mrs Anne Miles

B.Bus., Grad. Dip. Ed.

The Assistant Principal (Curriculum) supports the Principal. Her key responsibility is to provide College leadership and support for the Principal in curriculum development, delivery and evaluation, overseeing both the academic and vocational curricula at Holy Spirit College.

Assistant Principal (Mission)

Ms Lesley Fraser

B.Com., Grad. Dip. Ed., M. Theology. (Currently) 

The Assistant Principal (Mission) supports the Principal by taking full responsibility for the faith development of the College including masses, liturgies and the religious activities of the College. The APM is also responsible for marketing and promotion of the College and for assisting key personnel in conducting quality events.

Assistant Principal (Students)

Mrs Sandy McLellan

B. Learn Mgmt., Grad Cert Safeguarding Children and Young People

The Assistant Principal (Students) is a key member of the Leadership Team of the College. The AP Students has major responsibility for the leadership and management of College pastoral care systems, including Student leadership, welfare, and behaviour management. The AP Students also works closely with the other members of the College Leadership Team to promote, to maximise, and to support the welfare of College Staff.